Do You Know Dance History? (Part 1)

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This title may sound like a Buzzfeed quiz, it is actually a reflection of the roots of dance. As long as I have been dancing, my mom has been researching dance. She would borrow learn to dance videos, musicals, learn about choreographers and find dance camps for me to attend. Her endless pursuit of knowledge rubbed off on me. I remember at a very early age (7 or 8) watching the movies of A Chorus Line and The Nutcracker (with Mikhail Baryshnikov) and trying to learn all the dances. If the internet had been around I would have been Googling the dancers and memorizing their life stories. In tap class, our exams required us to memories the history of different dance steps. The introduction of the history page started with ……… In this time the part that stands out is ……. Ask a group of non-dancers who Gene Kelly is and likely they will tell you he’s the guy from Singin’ In The Rain. Ask them who Shirley Temple is and they will likely know her as the cute little dancing girl. Fred Astaire ad Ginger Rogers, Ask them who Bill “Bojangles” Robinson is would they know? How about The Nicholas Brothers, Gregory Hines, Katherine Dunham

Since we are near the halfway point of summer (say it ain’t so), we are planning for fall classes and the 2017 – 2018 dance season. We are going to being posting on our blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 5 weeks with our 10 Reasons Your Child Should Be In Dance. There are so many lifelong benefits of dance beyond the obvious and we want to share our research and experience with our followers. Stayed tuned each week for more info about dance and it’s advantages.

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