Foundations First (8 to 12 Years)

Did your pre-teen dance when they were younger and want to start again? Do they have no dance experience but a passion for performing? Let’s get them moving and discovering the joy of dance.
The strength of these foundations will allow your child to explore the great enjoyment of self-expression found in dance.

The Foundations first program:

In our Foundations First class, the balance of ballet, jazz and acro will teach the foundations of a variety of dance techniques that will set your child up for a promising future in dance. Each style works together to introduce the fundamentals of dance including agility, coordination, body awareness and control.

  • Beginner Ballet
  • Beginner Acrobatics
  • Beginner Tap
  • Beginner Jazz
  • 5 to 8 years Session Classes
  • 1 Hour Class each week