Valentine’s Party

Valentine's Party

Love is in the air at Epic Dance Complex’s Studio Valentine’s Party! Join us for a delightful and enchanting celebration as we embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day in our dance studios.

Our Studio Valentine’s Party is the perfect opportunity to gather your loved ones, friends, and dance enthusiasts for a heartwarming and joyous occasion. Step into our studios, beautifully adorned with romantic decorations, soft lighting, and the sweet melodies of love-inspired music.

Prepare to dance and celebrate the magic of love with our talented instructors leading engaging activities and games that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day. From learning romantic dance routines to participating in fun partner exercises, our party is designed for all ages and skill levels to enjoy the love-filled atmosphere.

But our Studio Valentine’s Party is not just about dancing. It’s about creating lasting memories and cherishing the bond of love. Indulge in sweet treats, share heartfelt moments with loved ones, and participate in engaging activities that celebrate the beauty of connection.

Celebrate the power of love at our Studio Valentine’s Party. Reserve your spot now and experience a heartwarming and enchanting celebration of love and dance at Epic Dance Complex. Contact us today to secure your place and let the love-filled festivities begin!

Party Time

Saturday, February 10, 2024

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


124 2nd Ave N,
Suite 209 Saskatoon,
SK S7K 2B2