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Dancers are constantly striving to reach new goals including learning and perfecting new steps, learning choreography and performing it at competitions and recitals and working in preparation for exams.  Dance gives children the opportunity to challenge themselves by creating daily, monthly and yearly goals and working to achieve them and continue to grow and develop as a dancer.

At Epic Dance Complex, Miss Desirae has utilized the curriculums that she has trained in to set goals for her students.  She sets goals for each dance session and year-long classes.  The dance teacher uses lesson plans and the syllabi for the dance style that is being taught to structure the dance classes for the children.  Each dance syllabus has set criteria for each level or grade that must be met for the dancer to advance to the next grade level.  By setting goals and following through, the dance teacher is able to train the children from the beginner level to the most advanced levels. 

Parents may not know or understand what each dance syllabus is about.  They may not understand how the teacher determines whether their child has learned the necessary steps and mastered the necessary skills to move up to the next level of classes.  To help the parents with this situation, Epic Dance Complex sends the parents feedback by email at the end of the year.  This report shows the parents what their child worked on during the year in their dance class and how the dancer has had success at achieving the skills for that dance class.  These reports are kind of like school report cards – except with more positivity and encouragement!   

Parents also receive feedback from the teacher with a class recommendation for the upcoming dance year.  This helps the parents when they are registering their child.  They will know which classes would be the best fit for their child taking into consider the child’s age, previous dance experience, the child’s personality, and the amount of time the parents are willing to commit to dance classes.  Some children are not comfortable being in a dance class that they feel is too advanced for their current abilities.  It makes them feel frustrated and anxious – and that is not the experience we want for your child!  Some children feel motivated to push themselves to learn new dance skills.  It excites them to see new and more difficult dance steps.  Each child has different mindsets when dealing with new material. 

One is not better than the other, they are just different.  Well-trained dance teachers realize this and they tailor their classes to accommodate all personality types.

Whichever describes your child best (the fast-mover or slow-and-steady), all of the children will benefit from a dance education and all of the children will be able to progress towards achieving the goal of advancing to the next level – provided they put in the necessary training by attending dance classes and by practicing.  By having a dance curriculum in place to teach dance, parents and dancers can see what dance levels they have already mastered while looking ahead to what dance levels are coming up in the next few years.  A quality curriculum keeps everyone on track – from the teacher, to the dancer, to the parent.  At Epic Dance Complex, Miss Desirae has been trained in several different and complementary dance curricula.  She has her dance teacher certificates framed and displayed in the studio so parents can see that she is highly qualified to provide excellent dance training for their children!   

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a child who knew when it was time to get up, go to bed do their homework, etc. One of the greatest lessons learned from dance is how to set priorities. Students learn what is important to them and how to balance their dance life with their school and home lives as well as learning how to organize their schedules to make sure everything gets done.

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